March 22, 2017

BBQ King Seafood, Stapok

My dinner last night..
Squids - RM18
Sedap; masam, manis, sedikit pedas.

 Bitter gourd with salted egg - RM12

We had our early dinner at BBQ King Seafood, Stapok.

March 20, 2017

On Kong, and more.

Friday evening mark the beginning of the 1-week school holiday.

We all went to Vivacity.  Emmett and daddy went for Kong's movie.

In the meantime, Eugene and mummy went for a Japanese meal, at Ajisen Ramen, Vivacity.

We saw the the Chill*X Diner is closed, is this where the fire started last week?!
Then we went to buy some books at the Popular Book Fair.

And we saw this..

Lau Hua Shan is going to open in Vivacity soon, the 1st in East Malaysia, woot woot!

Well, that's how we kick start the kids holidays.

March 17, 2017

Emmett, the Youtuber

Last year, I asked Emmett what he wants to be.  He said he wants to be a Youtuber.

Finally, his 1st video is now up on youtube.

Feel free to like the video.  I know that will really make his day.
Thanks ya.